1.3 – Half-Century and Valentine Celebration Collaboration

2 thoughts on “1.3 – Half-Century and Valentine Celebration Collaboration”

    1. I can write papers for class, and I have no problems writing policies and procedures for work, but I have never been good at writing things like this. Kelli, I admire and love your words and wish I could find them. My sweet baby sister, Rose, your Momma, would have been 50 years old today. A milestone birthday that she isn’t here to celebrate. But – she lives on in you and Janie and Bradley. She lives on in all of our hearts and the funny things we see or do that remind us of her. Like when we eat a strange combination of things and know that she would put weird foods together and they would actually work. Or when I see something with Jon Bon Jovi and remember how much she loved him! I was watching “King of the Nerds” on TV the other day, and the person had to draw a bowtie. It took me back about 30 years and reminded me of the time Rose and I were playing a game of Pictionary against your Dad and Uncle Lance. I had to draw a bowtie and your Mom guessed when I drew one straight line. We connected so well at many times in our lives and I miss that connection but I remember fondly when we were experiencing it. Sweet lady with a beautiful smile and I miss her every single day!


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