1.0 – Denial

3 thoughts on “1.0 – Denial”

  1. Today I played the voicemail left by your mom – I saw it a few days ago but didn’t have the courage to listen, was scared of feeling her loss. But I will tell you, it was a comfort, thank you for sharing all of your intimate feelings and comments thru the letters – she is so much alive through you!


  2. I too did not want to play the recording, but wow! I’m glad I did. Thank you for sharing your journey with us..those that love your mom and your family!
    Love ya, gina


  3. Mothers are so important and sick mothers can have such a profound effect on their children lasting well beyond childhood. I am not surprised you feel the need to write a series of letters to her. I have exorcised the negative aspects of my mother’s voice from my thinking but still have some way to go with my father. Thanks for your support for my blog. Caroline


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