4.3 – Lost and Purposeless

2 thoughts on “4.3 – Lost and Purposeless”

  1. Hey Kel, just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog. You have such a kind heart that I love so much! God is always working on you – preparing you for your purpose. Remember, our timing and God’s timing is quite different. Trust that He is preparing the path ahead of you. You are so special and He wants it to be just right for YOU! Enjoy the ride sister!! ❤


  2. Great that you have got another job and that you are taking pride in it. Maybe writing about your purposelessness in your blog will reveal your purpose to you. I think writing is in itself a purpose, in fact I think it is my primary purpose in life. All the shitty things that have happened to me since childhood, sexual abuse, emotional and verbal abuse have given me a huge amount of material to write about. And people seem to like what I write – thanks for following my blog – which kind of gives all my suffering some kind of meaning. I really do think writing gives life meaning so maybe writing about your purposelessness is a form of purpose as it will give strength and inspiration to other people who feel purposeless.


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