1.6 – Disaster Relief

July 12, 2015 Dear Darkened Rose, Unfortunately, my crew JUST finished up our time in Wimberley yesterday. For many weeks, I was directing the Volunteer Reception Center for flood relief. The city was charming initially, but after making countless phone calls to demanding homeowners, dealing with confused volunteers, and being placed in a building with … Continue reading 1.6 – Disaster Relief

1.5 – Evolve

May 3, 2015 Dear Darkened Rose, Last month, I took care of loads of busy (somewhat meaningless) achievements. My awareness has grown a bit acuter because of them. I am discovering renewed routes to challenges that I have either neglected or denied in the past. I was a quitter. Lack of foundation molds a perfect … Continue reading 1.5 – Evolve

1.3 – Half-Century and Valentine Celebration Collaboration

February 27, 2015 Dear Darkened Rose! I just wrote it down at work 2/27/2015–the 50th anniversary of your birth/your half century celebration of womb emigration! I partially planned, and only slightly procrastinated, to get this letter ready for your birthday. Happy Birthday, WOMAN! Momma! Momma! Momma! Great things are happening next month. I have felt … Continue reading 1.3 – Half-Century and Valentine Celebration Collaboration